The first personal trainer for your internal doctor

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We all have inside us an internal doctor with millions of years of experience

Doesn´t it seem strange that we get sick?

We know that about 30% of diseases are caused by viruses, but we don´t know the origin of the remaining 70%. What´s the origin of disease? Find out with youHealth.

Making the fight-flight response, or stress, a lifestyle, has direct consequences on our health

Did you know that between 8 and 12 unnecessary fight-flight responses a day deactivate our internal doctor?

Discover with youHealth the natural tools available to your body and put them at your health´s service. Our objective? To reduce the number of unnecessary fight-flight responses and improve the connection with your internal doctor. How? With our Self prescription.

The first 30 day training for your internal doctor

youHealth is designed to accompany you towards full health. During 30 days, you commit yourself to spend 10 minutes a day for your health with no excuses! The best preventive medicine is yourself.

Experiments and games that help youHealth collect relevant information that has an impact on your health

Without you even realizing and in a fun way, youHealth will acquire information about the state of your internal doctor and your health. You will discover the habits of your body and brain through games and experiments based on years of scientific research.

Explanatory videos made by experts and guided exercises to improve your health

With an easy and familiar language, things are better understood. And this is what youHealth does: it brings science closer to people.


Self-prescription is a computer algorithm that records and processes relevant information about your health during the 29 days youHealth lasts. Based on this information, the objective of the Self prescription is: (1) to generate a detailed report of your full health and (2) to help you find the most appropriate strategy for you to improve and optimize the connection with your internal doctor.


Become an

active element of your health


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Monday January 9th, 2017

I was spending a few days at my parents’ house and the television was, as usual, switched on. Inside the idiot box a group of people were shouting (something unusual and inexplicable on television) so I looked around and, as nobody was there, I grabbed the remote, determined to put an end to that nonsense. […]

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My brain goes to a street drinking party

Thursday December 22nd, 2016

I belonged to the street drinking party generation. Why deny it? When you look back and see friends coming and going, benches, parking lots, stairs, parks, beaches, bottles of cheap booze, bags of ice cubes and plastic cups; there you have the proof. After the age of 30 street party drinking is frowned upon (now […]

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What does the Internet do to our children’s brains?

Tuesday December 20th, 2016

The Internet phenomenon has completely changed not only our lives but also the anatomy of our brain. We go to the movies on the Internet, we study online, take concerts home thanks to the Internet or even hook up and satisfy our sexual needs virtually. A study by We Are Social, points out that 77% […]

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